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    1. Zhejiang Qicheng Machinery(Group)Co.,LTD
      Toyota to start recalling RAV4 in China on Feb 28...[2014/07/18]
      January auto sales robust after record-setting 2009...[2014/07/18]
      GM to shut Hummer after China deal fails...[2014/07/18]
      BYD plans to increase automobile production...[2014/04/15]
      About us

      products. Produce the products such as car brake, adjust arm brake, brake camshaft, brake ,etc. mainly. Both of the two company are all Zhejiang Province’s " AAA " Grade credit enterprises and have already passed ISO-9001 andQS9000 quality system authentication.
      The subordinate enterprise of Zhejiang yingtemei fitness equipment Co.Ltd. entered into partnership with the Taiwan partner in July of 2002, invests 2,092,000 dollars. The company is specialized in product electromotion running machine, magnetism controlled fitness machine and other fitness apparatus which are incorporating masses' fitness, science instruct, interesting amusement, certainly we win customers’ satisfaction and approval by its high-quality but keen price . The company has already became the member of Chinese sports goods federation(CSGF).


      After joining WTO, In order to be based on the domestic market better, explore world market actively, Group not only continue following the management aims of " quality first, reputation first, service first "; Continue fulfilling the operation principle of " pioneer and invent, seek survival and pursue to change ",but also do long-term cooperation work in doing research and develop the newproducts ,talent's supply and demand with universities such as Zhejiang University Of Technology ,etc., invite experienced expert come company instruct. All these make group doing innovation in mangement and technology. That is why we get honor from market and government. Customers’ need is our pursuit. We will try our best to make our Enterprise bigger and stronger and to offer our customers more and better products.


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